About Pikarscrafts

About Me

My name is Joanna - the artist behind Pikarscrafts. I have created Pikarscrafts during covid pandemic and what started years ago as a hobby became a little handmade business. My love for nature and fantasy comes from my parents and you can find a lot of my work is inspired by it. 

I was born and raised in Poland, beautiful country with mountains, sea and lakes. I moved to Englad when I was 20 to study and that's where I am now.

Where The Name Came From

Being very family oriented, I created a name for a shop based of my surname and letters of all family members names. PI comes from the surname, K represents little sister, A is from my own name, R is for mum and S is for dad. Creating under this name makes me feel proud and happy and I aim to share this with my lovely customers.

When Did It Start

I have started creating in 2016 when I was undergraduate student after moving to completly different country and feeling alone. It was just a hobby that I wanted to take, because I remembered being little kid, making tiny people from clay for fun. 

I did open a shop around 2017-2018, however I didn't quite know how to start it. During quarantine and after being reunited with my dad and sister I started creating again and made it a bit more serious. My personalised wands and miniature gnomes were a hit! 

After my dad's sudden illness and passing I was devastated, I didn't have energy to create and I had a break from it. About a year later I started again and art helped me heal and learn how to get my thoughts together to help ease sadness. I made a big amount of stock, I have learned a lot of new techniques, I set up this website and worked really really hard.

This brings us to now, me happily creating, trying to make my dad proud, trying to build lovely memories with my partner, my mum, my sister and my best friend.